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Work Journal and Workbook from Office Source One
What is the Office Source One Book, and how does it work?

Office Source is a company that provides a variety of office products and services. One is an essential part of our identity, and we should not be afraid of it.
These are the unconscious and disowned components of our identities that the ego cannot perceive, acknowledge, or accept. Anything about ourselves that isn't illuminated by the light of our awareness is considered a shadow.

The advantages of using Office Source One
This shadow work diary questions and exercises book will get you started on your journey to uncovering the pieces of yourself that you've repressed, rejected, or abandoned through the years and calling them back to heal them one layer at a time.

The Office Source One Journal contains the following articles: What is Office Source One?
What kind of impact does your Office Source One have on you?
Office Source One Work Activities: There are numerous advantages to participating in Office Source One exercises.
Please get to the root of your darkness by following the instructions on the guided pages to confront your shadows when they occur.
Positive Sayings About Wound Mapping
50 Thought-Provoking Journaling Prompts
You can use this section to doodle, scribble, or make notes about your thoughts.


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